Magento Software Upgrades

Don't get left behind just because you don't know how to upgrade your Magento store. We can help! With each core upgrade, there could be dozens or more security patches, lots of bug fixes, improved stability of the framework and code optimization.

Does your site have 3rd-party extensions installed? We'll help identify if they have required upgrades available.

We can upgrade both Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. If you're lucky enough to be running Magento Professional, we can help you transition to either Enterprise or Community.

Upgrading your Magento store can be nerve-wracking but it doesn't have to be. Let our Magento experts handle it. It's what we do. Your store remains functional during the upgrade, so you can go on running your business. We'll call when the new version is complete.

...and yes, we do upgrade Magento Enterprise.

Magento Upgrades

Our upgrade services include:

A full upgrade to your preferred version of Magento

An upgrade and repair of the Magento and Database

A detailed quality assurance process prior to delivery

Any additional troubleshooting related to previous customizations

Magento Community Edition Upgrades


Most current version is

  • Magento™ Community 1.2.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Community 1.3.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Community 1.4.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Community 1.5.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Community 1.6.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Community 1.7.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Community 1.8.x Upgrade
Magento Enterprise Edition Upgrades


Most current version is 1.14.1

  • Magento™ Enterprise 1.9.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Enterprise 1.10.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Enterprise 1.11.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Enterprise 1.12.x Upgrade
  • Magento™ Enterprise 1.13.x Upgrade

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